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From a security standpoint, windows are always the weakest part of any home. Broken glass is not only a security issue, but a safety one. Broken shards of glass are very dangerous, especially for children!

Safety window tinting also offers the added benefit of making the glass stronger and, keeping broken glass in place in the event of flying debris or vandalism.

We can apply safety and security film, both tinted and clear to the windows in your home or office. This will strengthen and reinforce the glass to deter or prevent breakage. It can even deny entry! DON'T RISK safety or security, where you know they are a real possibility!

​​​​​​​If someone is intent on entering your home or office, security alarms may do little to deter them.  Our Window Security Film makes it much more difficult to break or penetrate the glass, even if struck to a heavy object.

Glass Tint Solutions is reliable security window film installation company because we put our client’s needs ahead of our own profits!  We care about your safety and security.

We have years of experience in installing Security and Safety films. We also offer other services like:

  • Auto Window Tinting
  • Heat Reduction Films
  • UV Protection Films
  • Commercial Window Tinting
  • Privacy & Decorative Films
  • Signs & Graphics Services

We will work with you to solve your property’s specific needs! We’ll recommend the best types of window film for your situation. Call us for a no obligation estimate on your safety and security film installation.  

0404 599 277

Advantages of Security film:

  • Solar and UV ray filtering
  • Deter burglars and vandalism
  • Protection with a clear view
  • Protection from injury resulting from broken glass
  • Lower energy bills

We have installed security window films for residential, commercial and educational clients. This include child care centres where it's a legal requirement for them to have safty glass (or safety film applied to non-safety glass) for the childrens protection!

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