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Tinted windows in your car are shown to be a great investment.  Not only does the film offer more privacy, it protects the contents and interior trim of your vehicle from the intense heat of summer and UV. Glass Tint Solutions provides automotive window tinting for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, includine trucks. All materials used are manufactured in the USA, and carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty*

The damaging effects of UV Rays deteriorate your car’s interior trim causing upholstery to fade and vinyl and leather to become dry split or crack. All UV rays are blocked to the level of 99.9%.  

With our years of expertise in this service, we also offer the following services:

*          Automotive Window Tinting

*          Security & Safety Films

*          Comprhensive Window Tinting Services

*          Commercial Window Tinting

*          Residential (Home) Window Tinting

*          Privace Films 

Glass Tint Solutions products come in a wide range of tinting shades.  This makes it easy to satisfy even the most discerning of customers. With our wide selection of window tinting film options, we are able to match the look you want, at very competetive rates. 

Don't drive an untinted vehicle!

Glass Tint Solutions has specially designed window films that will not only protect your vehicle but enhance its appearance as well. We only use the best film that provides maximum heat rejection and UV protection.

Advantages of Auto window tinting:

*          A Wide Selection of Film Options

*          Protects you from Skin Cancer

*          Protect Your Car's Interior

*          Computer Cuts: The Ultimate Precision

*          Years of Experience at Your Service

Keep unwanted attentions out with our premium tinting service. Guaranteed to last, our tints are meticulously applied to provide the utmost privacy. Window tinting is both practically and esthetically appealing and is an awesome way to add further customization to your car.

We offer many kinds of window tinting options that help with sun control and car interior protection. Join the many of our satisfied customers riding in comfort today.

The window films we carry are able to cut up to 60% of the heat, making  your windowmuch more comfortable to drive. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to reduce heat and glare, contact us today at 0404 599 277.

* Applies to original owner only, with written documentation.


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