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GTS is a Mobile Tinting Service. This means greater flexibility for you, without compromising on quality. All work and materials are Fully Guaranteed. There’s a substantial range of product available on board, and you are assured of a product that will serve your needs! 

Reduce HEAT by up to 80% by simply tinting your home windows.

Block harmful UV rays, and stop the burning and fading of furniture, floor coverings and soft furnishings.

Improve daytime privacy for more peace of mind.

Keep your office work environment more comfortable. Up to 80% Heat Reduction.

Reduce glare up to 95%, to improve computer screen visibility.

Ad decorative films for privacy or customising the decor.


Drive a cooler car! Heat reduced by as much as 65%.

Great privacy whilst driving.

UV block stops you getting burned.

Improve the look of the car

Frosting can be for total privacy, as used in a bathroom window.

It can be decorative, with unlimited design ideas to enhance a window, door or partition.

Can act as a screan to separate areas.

Use as signage to get a message out

Safety and security film acts as a protective layer to prevent injury. If the window breaks, it can have extremely sharp and dangerous shards that can inflict serious injury, (even death).

Safety film makes glass harder to break, but most importantly, holds the glass together to prevent injury!

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