Car Tinting

Car tint is usually installed for one or two main reasons depending on the personal preferences and needs of the owner. However, there are many additional benefits to tint that not many car owners have considered and which make tint an all-round amazing idea no matter which way you look at it. Here are the top 6 reasons to get your car tinted:

1.     More comfortable Driving

Driving in strong sun directly on you isn’t just an annoyance – it can be deadly. Window tint shields you from it’s harsh elements, like UV, and prevents the burning it causes. Glare from all reflected sources of extreme light will no longer be caught such an annoyance, either.

2.      Great Privacy

Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t want your stuff being visible to everyone. Car tint ing protects not only your person but your possessions, no matter where are you. It makes it hard to see the things inside your car when you’re not around. No more stashing your valuables out of sight every time you leave your car!

3.      Upholstery Protection

The heat and UV rays from direct sunlight can damage your upholstery, in a few short years. But most people know this is highly preventable, with tint installed on your car windows. Car tint keeps your car interior from getting hot enough to warp, fade, or crack, and protects plastic and soft fabrics. It blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays from entering and fading the colours too!


4.      Safety/Security

Tint can keep your car’s window from shattering upon impact with an object or in the event of an accident, the film holds the broken pieces together, preventing potential injury. This can go a long way to protecting the health and lives of your passengers if anything unexpected happens on the road.

5.      Keeps You Cooler

With the right window tint film, you can reduce the heat inside your car by up to 60%. This also means that your Air Conditioner will work more efficiently, making it even more comfortable, on those scorching hot days.

6.      Staying Healthy

Direct sunlight and the associated UV rays don’t just damage your skin and accelerates ageing, it can also cause skin cancer over a prolonged periods of exposure. Reduce harmful UV rays by up to 99% by installing quality car tint, and feel the difference in the long term.

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